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Original wallpapers of Provence and Luberon

Provence-Luberon-News provides you with gracefully his most beautiful photos for your wallpapers. Landscapes, villages and scenes of the nature of Luberon and Provence will animate so your computer environment.

For your PC :
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2- Select the photo by means of the right click of your mouse and choose "To establish as wallpaper of back plan"

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2- Drag and drop image on your desktop> Preferences system > Desktop and screen saver > Choose a file > desktop > click the photo.

The size of images is 1200 x 800 px.

Photos can be used only by private individuals and exclusively as wallpaper for your computer. All the images of this gallery photo are the exclusive property of their author.

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Butterfly of Provence, the machaon

Butterfly wallpaper of Provence for your computer

Papilio machaon(big carry tail):

Family of Papilionidae, Sub-family of Papilioninae
Of a scale from 6,4 to 7,6 cms one meets it frequently in Luberon from April till August around the fields of lavender and the flowery places, up to approximately 2000 m.The caterpillar is black then green and black in red points. It feeds on fennel ( Foeniculum) and on wild carrot (Daucus) or cultivated.

Download >>> Butterfly wallpaper

Village of Cucuron and the Luberon

Village of Cucuron and Luberon wallpaper for your destock.

The beautiful village of Cucuron, at feet of the South Luberon, distributed around its paths of majestic plane trees, surrounded with the traditional cultures of Provence.

In spring, nature gets dressed of all the nuances of green, as here on this air photo.

Download >>> Cucuron wallpaper

Visit the village of Cucuron

Bonnieux built right up against Luberon

Bonnieux wallpaper for your computer

Bonnieux, perched village of the Luberon, with its two churches, dominates the cultivated plain and the valley of Calavon.
The village that is rich thanks to its typically Provençal architecture, offers remarkable points of view on neighborhoods.

Dowload >>> Bonnieux wallpaper

Visit the village of Bonnieux

Yellow flower of Luberon

Free wallpaper of yellow flower of Luberon for your computer.

The nature and the environment of Luberon are protected inside a Regional Natural reserve. Numerous species of plants are listed there and make the happiness of the persons who are fascinated by authentic nature.
Luberon is classified as reserve of biosphere by Unesco.

Download >>> Flower wallpaper

Gordes village of Luberon

Gordes village of Luberon free wallpaper for computer

Gordes, the star of the villages of Luberon, did not usurp its rank so spectacle is magnificent. Classified among the most beautiful villages of France, a walk to Gordes is always a pleasure of eyes between alleys and houses of character and sight which takes in the whole massif of Luberon

Download >>> Gordes wallpaper

Visit the village of Gordes

Roussillon the village of the ochre of Luberon

Roussillon in Provence wallpaper for your computer

The contrast of colours reaches in Roussillon a paroxysm thanks to the old careers with multicolored ochre , emphasized by coating ochre houses in the village. Roussillon appears from pines as a hymn in the colour

Download >>> Roussillon wallpaper

Visit the village of Roussillon

The mill of Saint Saturnin les Apt

Free wallpaper the mill of Saint Saturnin les Apt Provence Luberon

Authentic village of Provence, Saint Saturnin les Apt possesses antique fortifications, the ruins of a castle, chapels, as well as a big number of aiguiers and bories spread in the surrounding scrubland with side of the Mountains of Vaucluse. A point of departure for numerous walks in the nature of Luberon

Download >>> Saint Saturnin wallpaper

Visit yhe village of Saint Saturnin

Fields of lavender to Banon

Landscape of lavender at Banon in wallpaper for your computer

On the mountains of Vaucluse, the plain of Banon is particularly convenient to the culture of the delicatessen lavander due to the height of the plateau. In July nice-smelling landscape, tinged with the sweetness of this symbolic plant of Provence.

Download >>> Lavander fields wallpaper

Visit Banon

Lavender and poppy

Lavender and poppy wallpaper for your computer

The delicatessen lavender is cultivated on Luberon and the Mountains of Vaucluse from 800 m of height. After distillation one obtains an essence of lavender renowned and used in the factory of the soap of good name.

Download >>> lavander wallpaper

See the photo gallery : Fly above the lavender

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