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The Luberon region in France is one of the best areas that you can ever visit in France. It has amazing weather that allows any outdoor or indoor fun depending on the preferences of the concerned parties. We have put together information to help you know where to have fun, where to eat, what to eat, and who to use as a tour guide in whatever place you visit. Since we have been in France for over twenty years, our information can be relied on as it has been used by a myriad of persons who have found Luberon to be an interesting place to tour either with their families or as corporate groups. The rich culture of the city adds to its beauty and richness in terms of wonderful experience for the newcomers as well as tourists. The eateries herein are exceptional, offering the best meals that are aimed at preserving each culture represented in Luberon. While we do not advise anyone on the culture they should follow in Luberon, we have found it interesting that most of the newcomers who come to settle or to visit the area always have a predetermined mindset pertaining to the culture that they shall involve themselves in. Our website is known to provide credible information regarding the Luberon area as far as tourism in the area is concerned. We have always been contacted by many people who come to France to have fun and one of the best areas that has consistently featured in our website is Luberon.

When planning for a visit to Luberon, we advise visitors to ensure that they study the area well, so as to know where to have fun and enjoy their visit to the fullest.

While Luberon features consistently in our website, we do not withhold anyone from viewing what other areas in France have to offer in terms of recreational fun.

Luberon boasts of breathtaking natural beauty and touring it explains the reason why it is preferred by many across the nation and in the world at large. It has amazing blue skies over it, with calming weather all throughout the year. While we understand that the winter season is one of the most uncomfortable times to enjoy here, we always admire the zeal with which locals live. Whatever the season, you can always find something to enjoy in Luberon.

Since the majority of our customers also want to know where to find the best eateries in Luberon, we have always advocated for the best ones here. A visitor who has once tasted the cuisines offered in the eateries here can attest to the fact that the city has exceptional meals regardless of the time of day.

A few years ago, we would be asked to outline the reasons that make Luberon such a prime location for visiting. Taking a closer look, we have realized that there are areas that we have not featured in our website. Our work is clear cut to ensure that every visitor gets the best out of Luberon. Our being around has been entertaining and fulfilling. Note the hamlets, medieval villages, valleys covered with exceptional grass, and the amazing community that lives here.

The golden triangle that was discovered in the early 1960s is also featured in our website. The Parisians who discovered the golden triangle were in pursuit of an area in the countryside that has not been toured. The superb climate of the golden triangle and the rustic roads makes us believe that the area has a lot of potential that has not been featured.

We also feature Park Naturel du Luberon area in our website. This is an area that started small in late 1970’s. It has over 80 villages mainly located at the confluence of Masque towards the east and Cavaillon towards the west. Visitors will find in our website that Parc Naturel Regional du Luberon was feted in 1997 by UNESCO, marking it to be a biosphere reserve. This was done to help preserve the cultural heritage of the area. The cultural heritage of Luberon is as old as the prehistoric times and it has strong agricultural background as well as diverse flora and fauna.

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