What Makes Luberon Special in France- Know all about Biological Diversity

What are you expecting of your visit to Luberon? A one-week visit to Luberon gives anyone a special feeling of relaxation and peace to a point of wishing to extend their stay. The immersion in history and natural beauty of the city is just amazing and uniquely gorgeous. The relaxed mode of partying and recreation in Luberon is what makes it a top target for tourists and newcomers. Visiting Luberon is more than a tour since tourists receive more than they bargain for.

The Uniqueness of the Village

"The Luberon mountains are located here hence this is home."

A one-week visit to Luberon gives one a chance to explore the beauty of Bonnieux – a hilltop village. The small population of this village has not made it shy away from being one of the top most sought-after areas by tourists and newcomers as well. The Luberon mountains are located here hence this is home.

You can enjoy panoramic views of the vineyards, farms, neighboring villages, valley and the mountains from Bonnieux. The area that surrounds it is richly endowed with historic discoveries that include evidence of life before the history of time. Moreover, a Roman bridge that is said to be more than 200 years old is located here. The famous books written by Peter Mayle were set here. In addition, A Good Year, a famous movie that starred Russell Crowe, was also filmed a short distance from here. You also get to know more about the residents of the city as well as the cultures resident here. Visit the many restaurants, artist’s galleries, shops, and cafes to have another view of the city.

"Once you land in Luberon, you instantly make friends who add value to your life."

Experience The People

The residents here in Luberon are friendly people whose company you will enjoy. It is easy to socialize with them and make friends with them at the drop of a hat. You do not need to struggle trying to think of who will show you around. Once you land in Luberon, you instantly make friends who add value to your life. Though some may leave you to pursue their dreams elsewhere, worry not. Commit your free time to trying to learn more about the daily life of a market seller, an artist, a goat farmer, a business owner, and a winemaker. This gives you a firsthand feeling of life in Luberon, something that will carry you along as you explore more interesting scenes in the city.

Experience The Lifestyle

You are supposed to enjoy life once you set foot in the city. Do not settle for anything less. The way of life here is different in this village, different rhythm and tempo, a different way of interacting, and certainly different customs. One visit may not enough to comprehend each of these, but it is enough to understand that Luberon is a different city from the rest. There is a traditional guest house in Bonnieux whose age is thought to be over 200 years. In spite of its age, the guest house has been renovated to match the standards of modern houses in France, hence making it a top destination for visitors.

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